Server Voting

Thank you for your interest in voting for the Arcturus server! By voting for Arcturus on server lists, you are helping it place higher and obtain more exposure.

How does voting increase exposure?

When you vote for Arcturus on server lists, it is placed and compared to many other servers. Normally the main factor for server rankings is the amount of votes each server has earned. The more it has earned, the higher it is placed.

How often can I vote?

You are able to vote once per 24 hours. That’s almost 30 votes per month!

Does Arcturus reward players for voting?

Yes, we do! By voting for the server, you will earn $50 in game as well a Voter Crate key. Voter Crates contain a bunch of other goodies to make your server experience truly a blast. If you vote every day per month (assuming the month is 30 days long), you will earn $1,500 in game, as well as 30 keys which will have different rewards. So voting is certainly worth your while.

Where do I vote?

Great question! If you’d like to vote for Arcturus, you can do so down here! Just make sure that you are logged on when you vote and that the user name you insert on the voting site 100% matches your username in Minecraft.

Thank you for voting for Arcturus!

– The Arcturus Team

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