Server Rules

On Arcturus, we want to have a safe & fun gameplay environment. Because of this, there are a couple rules that you need to follow. You can find on these on this page right here!

Basic Rules

  1. No Swearing! There may be a younger audience on Arcturus, so we have to be extra careful about what we say.
  2. No Hacking! Using modified Minecraft clients is against our rules. There are exceptions for Forge/Fabric with certain pre-approved mods. For a more detailed list on this, please check the Allowed Modifications page!
  3. No Griefing! Do not modify people’s builds unless given specific permission to modify them.
  4. Keep your personal information safe! Sharing information like your address, age, or anything similar puts you at risk.
  5. No discussions on adult or sexual topics. Talking about such topics make people uncomfortable. Also, this is a family friendly server
  6. No Hate Speach! Do NOT discriminate other players, this is totally against our rules and can get you banned.
  7. No Advertising/Self Promotion. Please do not use the chat or signs to increase your follower count.

Thank you for following ArcturusMC’s rules. We appreciate your willingness to help Arcturus be the most positive server out there.