If you’re new to Arcturus and don’t know what to do, this post is for you.

Introducing the Survival Handbook

Apon joining the server for the first time you will find yourself on an a sky island in a empty plane. While in the camp, you will encouter what is probably one of the most important NPCs in the game, The Portal Master. The Portal Master will help you teleport between gamemodes. At the time of posting this post, the only gamemode available is Survival. 

New Horizons

After teleporting to Survival via the Portal Master. You will find yourself at the Survival spawn. The Survival spawn is the heart of the whole world. At spawn, you’ll be able to open crates, take quests, and hanging out with friends.

Whenever you have finished what you need to do at the Island and are ready to leave, all you have to do is go to directly in front of the spawn point and talk to Captain Amelia, upon interacting with her, she will take you to the mainland and your adventure will begin…

(Alternatively, should you not want to go to the dock, you may use command /warp shoredock.)


Before you leave the safety of the survival spawn you should make sure that you:

  1. Used your keys on crates at the Marketplace
  2. Voted for the server and got your key
  3. Took a look at all of the quests offered by the Quest Master


Quests are a key feature on Arcturus. They encourage you to go out and explore the server. Of course with any risk comes a good reward. The rewards also increase as the the difficulty of the challenge increases.

To take a quest all you need to do is visit The Quest Master. You can find his home to the immediate right of the survival lobby spawn point.

When you find the Quest Master, all you need to do is interact with him and click one of the papers. When you hover on a paper, it will show you the title of a quest as well as the quest’s category.

At the Mainland

After you talk to Captain Amelia, you will arrive at the shore of the mainland. From there mobs can spawn and you are at danger of being attacked by them.

Other Commands/Tips

  • If you want to get rid of a quest. You can use the command /quests quit <questname>
  • You don’t have to talk to NPCs to teleport! You can use warp commands to get around. Use /warps to see where you can go.
  • You can set homes to easily get to your favorite places. /sethome and /home will be the commands you’ll want to use.
  • If you want to get extra money on the server be sure to vote! Use the /vote to vote.
  • Want to quickly warp to your friend? Use /tpa <friendname> to warp to them! But make sure you’d like to teleport to them, because it costs TelePoints.

More coming soon.

This handbook will be updated as more information releases. Thank you for reading.

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