Survival Handbook: Opening a Chest Shop


As you play on the server, you will more than likely collect an abundance of items. When you reach this point, you may want to open a Chest Shop! Chest Shops are incredible for players who want to make money even while they’re offline.

The the only things you have to worry about when opening a chest shop are the following:

  • You must constantly keep the chest stocked. If the chest runs out of stock players will not be able to purchase items from it.
  • You must stay caught up with the rest of the market. If you are asking for ludicrously high amounts of money for items that are much cheaper elsewhere, you’re income will suffer.
  • You must consider location. On Arcturus, teleports are not free. So players must use them wisely. We’ll discuss that later in this post.

How to Set Up a Shop

When you decide you’re ready to set up your shop, you’ll only need a few things. You will need at least 1 chest, 1 sign, and your preferred amount of stock for a select item.

Once you have these three things, you’re ready to go. To start, place your chest in your preferred location. Once you have placed your chest, you will want to put a sign on the front of it, by doing this it will be easy for players to click on it. Now, the most important part of this process is what you put on the sign. This tells the server what to give to the player, and how much money they must send you. When you fill out the sign, you will want to do it as follows:

  1.  Leave this blank. The server will automatically fill this line with your username upon creating the sign.
  2. Insert the quantity of the item that you’d like to sell. In the example below, the player intends to sell 5 of the item.
  3. Insert “B” + the price per amount. In this instance, the player is asking for $10 per 5 items.
  4. Insert the item you’d like to sell. In this example, the player would like to sell Iron Ingots.

When you put all of the shown information from this example together, you will find that the player intends to sell 5 Iron Ingots for 10 dollars. 

Ways to Boost your Shop's Profits

One of the most important factors involved when choosing where to build your shop is it’s location. The location of your shop determines how accessible it is to players. Unlike some other survival servers, teleportation on Arcturus is not unlimited, in order to teleport to a player you will need a TelePass. If you build your shop 7,000 blocks away from spawn, players will not be able to reach it unless they spend a telepoint. So it is crucial that you pick a good spot to put your shop. If you’d like to see a lot of foot traffic we suggest that you build close to the Dock at the shore since warping to there IS free. 

Ways to Boost your Shop's Profits from far away.

If your shop is far away and it is out of your control, you’re not out of luck yet! While it will be a little bit more difficult to set up than what it would be to build close to spawn, it is possible with some creativity.

Build a store at spawn and ship your goods from far away there. While you can do this option, there are a lot of things you must factor in when choosing this route. One thing is that you’ll need the claim blocks for both your supply location as well as your shop. If you can get over the barriers in doing this, you could see increases in profit.
Start delivering goods to players. If a player requests to buy product from you over the chat, you may be able to offer an option to deliver it directly to them. This option is better if you’d not like to use extra claim blocks on a second location. However, you will have to travel great distances to get items or you’ll have to hire another player to transport your goods. 

We hope that this guide post was helpful and informative. We hope you have a great time playing on Arcturus! 

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