Your Safety

On Arcturus, your safety is one of our top priorities. We would like you to feel comfortable and secure whenever you play on the server. This guide should help you with some ways to be safe and what to do if you find yourself targeted by a player with malicious intentions.

NEVER Share Personal Information

If a player asks for your personal information, NEVER give it to them. Players can’t harm you if they don’t know anything about you. You should never share information such as the following: Your name, your address, your phone number, your email, your account passwords, your bank information, and your IP address.

These personal pieces of information should never be shared with anybody.

Additionally, If ANY staff member, including the owner, asks for any of the previously mentioned pieces of information, never share it. Our staff team will never ask for your personal information for an investigation.

Somebody got my IP!

It’s never fun if somebody gets your public IP address. With a public IP address, people can find information about you such as your approximate location (usually city and state) as well as your internet service provider. Fortunately, if somebody gets that information, you can do a few things to “get a new public IP.”

Step 1: Turn off your router and computer

When you turn off your router and computer, the “lease” for the public IP address you used will end. Also, you will be offline.

Step 2: Wait ~5 - 10 minutes
Step 3: Turn on your router then your PC

When you reconnect to your wireless connection you should be assigned a new public IP. You can use an IP checker to see if your public IP has changed.

Somebody got my personal info!

If somebody gets your personal information, we strongly suggest that you contact a moderator as soon as possible. If you’re contacting a moderator over Discord, provide pieces of evidence to back up your claim (You should filter out personal information, of course). Please provide an In-game name (IGN) and a Discord ID (Name#XXXX) if possible.

If you find yourself in this situation, you should additionally DM the Arcturus server owner on Discord. Any verified personal information leaks (doxxing) are not permitted on the server and will not be tolerated.

To sum things up

Don’t share your personal information on Arcturus (or online in general). It puts you at risk. If somebody manages to get a hold of your information, PLEASE inform a staff member so it can be handled properly.

We want Arcturus to be a safe place for players to play, and we will do everything we can for it to stay that way. We appreciate the help of everybody who submits reports and keeps themselves, as well as the community, safe.

Thank you,