Arcturus Labs: The Nether Update is here!

Hey all! I hope you are doing well! Today we will be taking a look at what will make Arcturus stand out from the crowd. We are introducing some of the nether update’s key features! While this does not mean that the update is releasing today, it should at least help you in your preparations. Players who were selected to participate in Labs will get to try some of this content during the Labs beta!

There’s more coming than what’s mentioned in this post. So don’t worry! It’s not everything!

Overview (As of this post's release)

Added the NetherWorld, a world filled to the brim with evil monsters!

  • Added New Items! (~70 in total)
  • Added new gear!
    • Added Ancient Nether Armor
    • Added Tough Iron Armor
    • Added Crimson and Warped Armor
    • Added the Red Obsidian Blade
    • Added the Fang Blade
    • Added the Blood Dagger*
    • Added Bone Armor
    • Redid Vanilla Gear
  • Added Set Bonuses!
    • Certain sets of armor have special perks when used together
      under certain conditions! The perk will be displayed on the piece
      of armor.
  • Added Artifacts, such as:
      •  Added Arrowheads
      •  Added Pyrite
      •  Added Rusted Sword
      •  Added artifacts with special properties
      • … and more coming soon!
  • Added new blocks!
    • Added Red Obsidian
    • Added Obsidian Cores
    • Added Life Fruit
    • Added Magical Elixir
    • ..and more!
  • Added New Mobs!
    • Added the Obsidian Skeleton, an incredibly tough enemy. You’ll want to use your TelePasses here.
    • Added the Empowered Blaze
    • Updated the Hoglin
    • Updated the Empowered Spider
    • Increased the Empowered Zombie’s health
    • Added Crimson & Warped Wonderers
    • Added Obsidian Minion
  • Absolute Health & Damage Overhaul
    • Health and damage are now handled by the Armory system, a damage system
      designed specifically for Arcturus. This system works well with the rest
      of the new mechanics. 
  • New Statistic: Defense Points, This statistic will be easily viewable
    on the new HUD.
  • New HUD above Hotbar
  • New Vendor! The Quest Master
    • Not that quest master! There is a quest master in the NetherWorld who focuses on Nether Related quests! His quests are more difficult but offer much greater rewards.
  • New Shop & Vendor! The Nether Explorer
    • This new vendor can be found at the Marketplace.
  • New Loot Crate!
    • Added the Archaeology crate! This can be found at the Crate Shop*
  • New commands
    • New teleport sharing commands (plus some fun features!*)
    • New status command (/me), this command displays a ton of information about
      your character.
    • Tweaked some things to make the server run better.
    • TEST Changed the render distance from 6 to 8.
    • TEST Increased the number of allowed mobs on the server.
    • Added a Custom Item inspection system. This system will check for
      out-of-date and cheated items.

This is only a couple of the things we have planned. Where it is only the Labs, we aren’t fully breaking down each of these. Players will have a ton of stuff to do in this coming update.

Thank you for reading this blog post, we hope this helps clear up some of the confusion you may have. Happy gaming!

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