IMPORTANT MESSAGE Regarding Minecraft Vulnerability

On Arcturus, your safety is one of our top priorities. Earlier in the week, a vulnerability was spotted within Minecraft Java Edition, as well as a majority of other services using Java. This vulnerability is caused by Apache Log4j — A logging library for Java. This vulnerability puts unaware or unprepared players at risk of having your computer compromised (this includes having code executed on your computer without you knowing.) We strongly suggest you read this post for advice on what to do.


This vulnerability targets older versions of the game. The amazing dev team over at Mojang has released patches for most of the affected game versions. While you can get a patched version of any of these versions, we suggest you play on the latest version for the safest experience. We have pushed an update on the server which adds 1.18.1 compatibility.

If you play with a modified client, such as Forge or Fabric, we recommend you check for a new patch on your preferred version (if it is available.) ANY use of a client that doesn’t have a fix for this patch will put you at risk. If your preferred client has not provided a patch for this issue or discussed the issue, we strongly suggest you play on a safe version of the game.

How we're keeping you safe

Here at Arcturus, our server is running the latest version of Paper, which has a patch for the Log4j vulnerability. We have opened the server to 1.18.1 so players can play on the latest version of the game. We will be closely monitoring the issue and update you if anything changes.

To sum things up:

We ask you not to ignore this issue, as it puts you at risk. If you’d like to hear Mojang Studios’ view on this, you can read their blog post here. Thank you for reading this blog post; stay safe and have fun.

–  Josh