Classic SkyBlock is here.

After months of work and testing, SkyBlock beta is here. We can’t wait to share Arcturus’ take on this incredible game mode!

What is Arcturus Classic SkyBlock?

Arcturus Classic SkyBlock is Arcturus’ take on the OG SkyBlock game type. On this classic game type, we go back to SkyBlock’s roots, without the extra RPG fluff. While some of our fellow servers in the Minecraft community have created amazing adaptations of the SkyBlock game type, we believe there are players out there who miss the classic SkyBlock feel. That’s what this mode is all about. Arcturus Classic SkyBlock stays true to the original SkyBlock formula.

How is this different from other classic SkyBlock servers?

Unlike other SkyBlock servers, this game mode is 100% free to play, with or without ranks. Players with ranks will have¬†no competitive advantage¬†over non-ranked players. This means that ranked players won’t get 20 diamonds a day just for paying $200. Here at Arcturus, we believe that the best type of free-to-play game is the type where all players, free and paid have an equal shot at becoming the best.

We will also be taking many steps to ensure that the SkyBlock economy remains balanced and that the community remains friendly.

How do I play?

This is the easy part! All you have to do is connect to on Minecraft: Java Edition, then speak to the “Play SkyBlock!” NPC at spawn! From there, you will be teleported to the SkyBlock spawn. To go to your island, you may simply talk to the “Go to your Island” NPC at the SkyBlock spawn.

We hope you enjoy this new mode!

If you have any issues, let us know on our Discord Server! We’d be happy to help you there. We hope you have a ton of fun on Classic SkyBlock.

See you there, Arcturians.
– Josh