Allowed Modifications

A lot of Minecraft players strongly rely on modifications (mods) to improve their game experience. While some mods truly make things better for players, other modifications are not allowed and ruin the experience for others. In this blog post we will be discussing which mods are allowed and which mods are not.

For Starters:

Any use of any modifications on the Arcturus Network server are at your own risk. This includes the modifications on this list. By listing specific modifications we are only informing you to what mods we deem safe and will not find suspicious.

Allowed Mod Categories

The general categories below are types that we consider safe for use on Arcturus.

  • Aesthetic Modifications
    This category would refer to any modification that improves the look and feel of your game without modifying the properties of blocks.
  • Light Change Modifications
    This would refer to any modification that makes the surrounding area brighter or dimmer (e.g. you can see in dark places without torches.)
  • FPS Booster/Performance Modifications
    This would refer to any modification that actually improves the gameplay experience by increasing FPS.

If the modification you are considering using is not on this list, we strongly suggest you not use this modification on Arcturus Network. 

Disallowed Mod Categories

The general categories below are types that we a threat to Arcturus and are not safe for use on Arcturus.
In general, any modification that gives you any sort of advantage on the server is not allowed. As that is cheating.

  • Hacked Client Modifications
    This category would refer to any client or mod that gives you abilities that you wouldn’t otherwise have in the base Survival game. If you are caught using this, you will be banned. Additionally, while Mini Map mods are not hacked clients, they provide an advantage and are not allowed to be used.
  • Automated Modifications
    This category would refer to any modifications that automates tasks for the player. This includes, but is not limited to autoclicking, aim assist, and macros. Please note that we do allow our players to use Auto-Sprint as well as TOGGLE Sneak.
  • Server Integrity Damage Modifications
    This category would refer to any modifications that affect the integrity of the server, this would include mods that send a lot of packets and apply pressure to the server. If you are caught attempting to harm the server, you will be banned with NO chance of appeal.

Allowed Specific Modifications

These are specific mods tested by us that we do allow. Please keep in mind that by using any modified game client, you are doing so at your own risk.

  • OptiFine
    This mod is used for improving your FPS and applying shaders. As long as you do not modify any properties of blocks you are safe to use this
  • Sodium
    We’d much rather you use sodium over OptiFine since Sodium is unable to modify block properties. If you’d like to be safer, use this Fabric mod.
  • Iris
    You are allowed to use Iris with Sodium since it adds shader support.
  • The Essential Mod
    This mod is allowed where it is strictly social and doesn’t modify the game’s properties.
  • F3 & Better F3 Mod
    The F3 Debug Menu is allowed for use on the server since it is not a mod.
  • Waypoint Mods
    Waypoint mods are allowed because they allow you to have already explored. Any waypoint mod that allows you to mark a spot on the map that you are not allowed on the server.
  • Shader Mods
    Shaders mods are strictly for improving your game’s visuals. You are allowed to use these to see Arcturus in a different way. 🙂

And, Finally

Arcturus Network encourages players to play fully vanilla as their are less risks by doing so, however if you choose to use modifications you are doing so at your own risk. We are not responsible for and do not have control over the mods named above, which may be updated or changed in the future. Should any mod be updated to include features in which we do not allow on the server, you will be violating the rules. So be sure to check back here often.

Thank you for reading this blog post, we hope this helps clear up some of the confusion you may have. Happy gaming!

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